From Tahiti, from what one day was born,
what now i understood
was the essence of a prime desire

know the dream come true

of this man with the ideal built
thirsty for dry springs
one day i left
for a named paradise
for me this reduced term
for a few images, a few well-off
blinds the senses sated with preconditions,
to Faa arrived at night
I walk between heaven, earth and spirits
being invaded by smells, atmospheres
amazed I am, of everything and so much more
that's it I'm there, always at night
I hear the sea, the shuddering friend
of this intact world, I feel welcome
of this original journey born at night
the eyes absent from its most beautiful fruit
I still have my haunting thoughts
for what follows after the night, here in Tahiti

Alexandre PENOT 1986